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4 Commentaires sur “Résidence Victorienne (La)

  1. B. Pennell a dit:

    Total care for my mother who is bedridden given here in this wonderful home. Excellent care for her.
    I sleep well knowing she is well cared for.

  2. SClarke a dit:

    My father was in the last days of his life when he was at this residence. He was taken care of as if he was a king. My mother and I could not have done better even if we tried. We are so happy that he was able to end his days in such a warm, loving and understanding environment. It was a positive experience even though it was very difficult time for our family.

  3. L. Gotzman a dit:

    My mother was extremely well cared for by Brenda and her small team.

    When my 86 year old mother came to the residence she was very stressed because she had gotten used to her previous nursing home. She was not able to do very much for herself and needed lots of attention. Brenda was able to make her feel welcome and make sure that she received the best care possible. One of the things that really struck me was that Brenda figured out solutions to many of my mothers problems that other more staffed care facilities were not able to detect let alone fix.

    I felt that this was the best place for my mother to send her final days.
    I highly recommend this residence.

  4. J Kelly a dit:

    I am confident that my Mother, who needs total care 24 hours /day, is being well cared for. She is clean, as are her surroundings. The caregivers are warm and welcoming.

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